My name is Heraldee, but my friends call me Dee.

I’m a self-taught UX Designer, blogger, and owner of Heraldeecreates. In 2019, I decided to quit my banking job to pursue a career in design. It was a bold move since I had no professional design experience, even more so, starting my own business. 
All I had in my toolkit was my passion for learning and the courage to embark the unknown.

Due to limited resources, I used free online trainings to acquire new skills.
I am proud to say that Youtube and Google were my best friends throughout the process. 

After several sleepless nights and dozens of coffee cups later, I finally succeeded in designing and publishing my own self-hosted blog. I felt so fulfilled seeing my final output. Because of that, I researched more about website development which led me to discover the world of UX Design.

From then on, I always ensure to prioritize my users’ needs on every project and every angle of my business.

Fast forward to today, my blog serves as a guide for calligraphy and journaling enthusiasts around the world. In addition, my Etsy shop has gained over 100 5-star reviews from customers worldwide.