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My name is Heraldee, but my friends call me Dee.

I’m a UX Designer, blogger and owner of Heraldeecreates

I started working in the banking industry, where I experienced talking directly to customers. Because of my love for solving customer needs, I was given the Perfect Customer Experience Award by the CEO of Bank of Hawaii.


After working in the banking industry, I had a calling to start an online business. My experience working with various customers established my passion for the user-centered approach. I believe that by empathizing with users, I can provide the right products that meet their needs.

Fast forward to today, my blog serves as a guide for calligraphy and journaling enthusiasts around the world. In addition, my Etsy shop has gained over 100 5-star reviews from customers worldwide.

Outside work, I love gardening and creating art projects with my husband. On the weekends, I love going to thrift stores or strolling in a nearby park with my cute labrador named Boomer.

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