Hey there, Welcome to Heraldeecreates!

We haven’t met yet but I know we’ll be great friends! 
I’ll start by formally introducing myself. My name is Heraldee, DEE for short.

I am an August baby but my parents named me after the Christmas song ‘Hark the Herald’. 
Yes, I was named after an angel. But unlike the angel Herald, I can’t sing. How I wish I can! HAHA

facts about ME

I'm from the Philippines

Born and raised in the Philippines, English is not my primary language. I can speak Cebuano and Tagalog too. 

I was an Engineering Student

I studied Geodetic Engineering for 3 years. My sister is an Engineer and she really loves what she does. But even though things were doing well for me, my passion for Engineering was not there. Hence, I left.

I moved to Hawaii

My family and I migrated to Hawaii a few years ago. We arrived empty-handed and we were totally clueless. It’s all by the Grace of God that blessings overflowed and opportunities opened. In less than a year we were able to establish our lives here and until now, I’m still in awe of all that has happened. 

I'm a Dog Mom

I have a furr-baby named Boomer. He just turned one this year. *wohoo* (no more puppy training!) 

These are some (not so interesting) facts about me. HAHA
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