Drawing delicious pastries make the journaling experience more exciting. It is no wonder why dessert-themed bullet journals are currently the trend in the journaling community. I immediately knew I had to join this craze, so, I created these spreads that reflect my love for desserts and I’m so excited to share them with you.

Grab your sweet treats, and let’s explore my Bullet Journal Donut Theme!

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Bullet Journal Donut Theme
Bullet Journal Donut Theme

Bullet Journal Donut Theme

Cover Page

Before I start to go crazy with my creations, I try to do a little bit of research. My go-to avenue for inspiration is of course Pinterest! If you don’t have a Pinterest account, I suggest you open one. It just makes theme-inspired research a whole lot easier. I promise!

While searching for donut designs, I found a photo of a delicious Christmas donut with red and white frostings. In the back of my mind, I knew it was still too early for Christmas (just so you know I created this theme in August). To not get ahead of the season, I decided to use the Christmas color palette and mix it up with regular donut designs. Plus this motif is a bonus for me since August is my birth month and red is my favorite color!

In the end, it actually looked better than how I planned it out. Well, that’s a good thing though.

Monthly Spread

For my Monthly Spread, I like to keep it simple and straight to the point. Honestly, this is the spread that I use the least so I prefer using a one-page layout. To add contrast to its simplicity, I add doodles and dots around the border.

Monthly Goals

I couldn’t stress enough how much I love this spread! Every time I post this on Instagram, I always try to encourage everyone to add this to their bullet journal. Writing your monthly goals is extremely important. I recommend making your goals specific and of course attainable. Trust me, the feeling of crossing out a goal is very rewarding.

Donut Quotes

Every month I always make sure to add some quotes to my bullet journal. I love brush lettering and this is the perfect time to bring those skills into action. Due to several requests, my monthly quotes are often in the form of a video tutorial. I like showing the progress and the work behind the photograph.

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I like experimenting with different mediums and color combinations. For this quote, I used my Crayola Supertips. I promise, this is extremely easy and I think you will like it. You can check my step-by-step tutorial here.

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Weekly Spreads

Weekly Spreads are also known as – “MY FAVORITE SPREADS”. I love to create weeklies because there are endless layouts and designs to choose from.

For my first layout design, I decided to use donuts as borders. In incorporating dark colors such as red, creating a balance tends to be a little tricky. Dark colors can sometimes be too overpowering and if not incorporated well, they can be too much. My solution to this problem is to create contrast.

To create that contrast, I used lighter shades inside and darker shades on the outside. In this way, the darker colors enhance the beauty of the lighter-colored designs.

This spread is somehow similar to the first one. The only thing that I changed is how I labeled the days of the week. This is a simple way to create a different variation to designs.

For this spread, I tried to try something different. I drew rectangles for the days and used rounded edges to create a smoother look. Remember, in working with intense colors like this, make sure to use a darker border to separate your design from the background.

Tracker Spread

There are so many trackers to use however, for this month, I only added a mood tracker. This design is in-line with my Donut Quotes. I have been into coffee and donuts this month so why not create one more spread dedicated to it.

Let me explain how this tracker works. The donuts consist of empty sprinkles that will be colored based on my mood as shown below. This layout is so lovely that even if I’m in a bad mood, it still lifts me up.

Spread Ideas

I try to add some random spreads in my journal to spice it up a bit. Every month, I do my best to incorporate spreads that I have never done before.

The first spread is a doodle tutorial on how I draw my donuts. Since I posted this theme on my Instagram, I often get questions about how I create my doodles. My donut design is a little different from the usual ones, so I decided to share how I do mine. You can see my thorough step-by-step tutorial in this guide.

I also created this spread to highlight my best summer memories.

Monthly Favorites

This has been a tradition for me. Every month I list down the things that I have been loving. From movies, products, food, etc. I try to take note of my favorites. This has been helpful for me since I often forget about the small little things and sometimes those little things can actually mean something.

Goodbye Page

This is the last spread for my bullet journal donut theme. Creating this spread was a bittersweet feeling. I really enjoyed doodling and coloring this month. For my final page, I used the same concept from my cover page. Goodbye Pages are a staple for me because I want to seal the month and close the chapter not just in life but also in my bullet journal.

Flip Through

Here is my Bullet Journal Donut Theme Flip Through. This is how my August 2019 journal looks like page-by-page.

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I hope you got a lot of inspiration from this month’s theme. Creating these spreads is so much fun and I wish I was able to share that happiness with you. If you are starting your bullet journal this month, check my Bullet Journal for Beginners Guide to give you a head start in this journey. If you are stuck in choosing your theme, check my summer and fall guides to help you along.

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