A new month marks the opening of another chapter in your bullet journal. This also means it’s time to create your monthly spread! If you haven’t started yet, let me help you create the best bullet journal monthly spread that you’ll surely love!

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Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

What is a Monthly Spread?

A monthly spread shows the layout of all the activities you have in a particular month. With this spread, you can easily see your monthly schedule at a glance. You can also get creative with it by using different layouts to spice up your design.

If you want a quick refresher, check my Ultimate Bullet Journal for Beginners Guide.

Importance of Monthly Spreads

  • Shows the layout of all the events in a Month
  • Helps in scheduling activities
  • A visual guide for task organization
  • Helps in keeping up with your Monthly Goals

Monthly Spread Layout Designs


I call this the classic for it is based on the regular calendar design. Since it is simple and easy to replicate, this is the most used bullet journal monthly spread layout.

Though this layout is common, there are still several ways to make your design unique. You can spice it up by adding highlights and colorful doodles around the spread.

If you want to save some space, you can also use a one-page monthly spread layout. Also, don’t forget to incorporate your monthly theme to give a pop of color to your design.

If you want to add depth to this classic look, simply add some shadows. This will create a beautiful dimension to your page.

If you don’t know what to do with the negative space, don’t worry. You can add more elements to your monthly spread such as trackers and monthly goals.


I call this layout modern for it gives a fresh new look to the classic calendar layout. Having that space in between the dates creates an edgy look that is perfect for creating more intricate designs. This is perfect if you want to go all out with your theme and experiment with your doodles.

Get creative with your design by adding shadows and highlights. This helps in creating dimension and depth.

You can get creative with the highlights by adding colors to the dates of the week. This will give a beautiful pop of color to your design.

If you want to add more to your spread, you can also insert your monthly goals, trackers, and your favorite quote.

Create an edgy design by using different shapes and lines for your monthly spread. Show your artistic style!


The minimalist layout is extremely popular these days. This layout uses simple designs and neutral colors to create beautiful spreads.

Adding a hint of color to your minimalist layout is also a good way to create a unique design. This creates a beautiful contrast to your black and white borders.

Giving emphasis to dates and numbers is a famous trademark of the minimalist layout. These will give a bold look to your spread.

You can also create a statement spread by using similar font styles and color schemes.

You can incorporate both modern and minimalist layouts into your spread. Mix both concepts to create this clean classy look.

If you still have some space to spare, you can add your monthly goals and trackers too.


As the name suggests, this layout uses horizontal lines to create a beautiful monthly spread design. Since there are no vertical lines in the spread, your colorful art will surely pop out.

Similar to the other layouts, you can also add more elements to this design such as monthly goals, trackers or even inserting your favorite quote.

We talked about 40+ Bullet Journal Monthly Spread Ideas and I hope you found the one that suits your theme and style. Like I always say, in Bullet Journal, there are no rules. Have fun and express your creativity. Don’t forget to show your artistic style and create something that you enjoy.

Happy Planning!
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