Pastel colors bring back memories of my childhood. It makes me remember eating cotton candies, macarons, and milkshakes. When I was brainstorming for my July theme, I knew it was the perfect time to bring my pastel memories to life. Here is my Bullet Journal Pastel Theme!

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My Bullet Journal Pastel Theme

Bullet Journal Pastel Theme

Cover Page

I grew up listening to cassette tapes. I remember recording my voice on the radio as my sister plays and rewinds the tape. Such a throwback! Since I’m getting inspiration from my childhood, I decided to use a cassette tape design as my cover page.

All the colors used in this theme are from the Tombow Dual Brush pens Pastel Set. I love Tombow and their products are always on my “holy grail” supplies. This set has all the colors you need to achieve that dreamy pastel look. It is a must-have!

Monthly Spread

This is the first month where I included a monthly spread. Since it is my first time, I decided to keep it simple and basic. For the background, I used the tombow pastel colors to create a watercolor wash. I love how it turned out!

Monthly Goals

If you have seen my Pineapple Theme, then you probably know by now how much I love my monthly goals. At the start of each month, I like to establish the goals that I want to achieve. It is just a helpful way of making sure that I am on track.

Weekly Spread

Weekly Spreads are my favorite spreads to create. There are endless layout ideas to choose from! You can use a simple design or get creative to your heart’s content. Aside from the looks, I love weekly spreads because it is the core of my bullet journal. This is where I write my tasks and this is what I use daily.

For the first design, I decided to use rectangles to separate the days. To add color, I used the pastels for highlights and of course a cute cassette tape to seal the look.

This spread is inspired by vertical layouts. Similar to the first one, I used rectangles to separate the days. To create a pastel look, I added some drop shadows and vertical lines for the background.

My third spread is a simpler version of the second. Instead of rounding the edges, I decided to keep it sharp. Also, instead of using long vertical lines, I used short horizontal lines to create contrast. I honestly like how this turned out better than the second version. This looks more clean and polished. I love it!

Theme Quotes

Every month, I add my favorite quotes that reflect the theme or the vibe of the spreads. This quote is from the Disney Movie High School Musical. I grew up watching this movie and until now all the songs are still stuck with me.

I love doing these types of spreads for two things. First, I like to practice my brush lettering skills, second, I like to be reminded of these amazing words every time I open my journal. It truly makes a difference!

Here is another positive message for this month’s theme. Since I received several requests to show how I create my spreads, I decided to film my process. Excuse the shakiness.

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Tracker Spreads

When I had the idea of incorporating music into my bullet journal pastel theme, I knew I had to create something that is unique and classic. My mood tracker is the perfect avenue to get creative so I went ahead and created this spread.

If you are new to trackers, let me explain how this works. Every note represents a day. Each day, I’ll be coloring the empty notes based on the colors shown below. I love how this turned out. I think this is the best tracker that I have ever created.

Spread Ideas

I try to add unique spreads every month. These spreads vary depending on certain occasions or holidays. For this month, I dedicated a spread for my monthly playlist. I guess this is also the perfect time to introduce music because it is relevant to my theme. (HAHA)

Since I’ve been into music this month, I added a spread for my favorite song lyrics. While others listen to the beat of the song, I always listen to the lyrics. I love songs that tell a story.

Monthly Favorites

It’s time for my Monthly Favorites! Every month I list down my favorite movies, products, and food. I like to be reminded of the things that make me happy.

Goodbye Page

I like ending my theme with a goodbye page. Most of the time I use the same design or concept from my cover page. It is just a nice way to close the month and start a new theme next month.


Watch the complete theme flip through:

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Thank you so much for joining me as I go through my Bullet Journal Pastel Theme. I had fun creating each spread and I hope I was able to translate my happiness visually. If you haven’t decided on your theme, check my summer and fall ideas. I’m sure you’ll love them.

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