Pineapples are one of those fruits that are flexible in every way. It is not just good on the inside, it is also appealing on the outside. Since there are so many variations of pineapple designs, I decided to take my own spin and add something different. Here is my Bullet Journal Pineapple Theme.

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Bullet Journal Pineapple Theme
Bullet Journal Pineapple Theme Spread Ideas

Bullet Journal Pineapple Theme

Cover Page

When I envisioned Pineapple as a theme, I didn’t want to go through the traditional route of using realistic drawings because honestly, I’m not the best at that. Since pineapples come in different shapes and sizes I figured to just play around and doodle how I want them to look.

For my cover page, I used Crayola Supertips to make the oval shape and created various patterns on top of it. I’m actually surprised how nice they looked together. It looks fun, simple and the best thing is it didn’t take much time to finish. I love it!

Monthly Goals

I always create my monthly goals at the start of each month. Having goals gives me that sense of purpose and accomplishment especially when I get something done from the list.

For this design, I used a combination of yellow and orange markers to add more dimension to the table. To give that ” pineapple look”, I added small triangles on the sides and of course, topped it off with more pineapple doodles.

Weekly Spreads

I’m always excited about creating my weekly spreads. This month, I created two different layouts inspired by my pineapple theme.

For the first design, I decided to keep it simple. To distinguish the days of the week, I used uniform horizontal lines and added little pineapple doodles on the side. I also added my weekly goals and some words of inspiration. This week’s quote is ” Have a Fruitful Week”. I actually can’t remember whether I had a fruitful week or not. I hope I did!

The second design is a little more complex than the first one. For this layout, I added borders on each side. On the left side, I placed my weekly goals and on the other side, I added the quote of the week.

Honestly, I was nervous when I created this spread because I thought it looked a little bit too much. However, seeing the final product, I think it looks pretty good. What do you think? Which design do you prefer the first or the second one?

Tracker Spreads

For this month’s mood tracker, I tried to experiment with my design. Since this looks something out of the blue, let me explain how this tracker works. Each pineapple has 10 sections representing 10 days. Each day I add a pattern based on the rubric shown below.

This spread turned out to be my least favorite from this theme. I liked the idea of it but I think it would have been better if the pineapples were separated. If I were to do it again, I would probably make it much simpler.

I also created a cute show tracker for this theme.

I won’t necessarily say this is a tracker, it is more of a list. This is a list of all the movies or shows that I want to watch. I made this as a solution to my unending scrolling on Netflix trying to find shows that are worth watching.

Pineapple Quotes

Every month, I add quotes that reflect my current theme. Since this month’s theme is Pineapples, I used some of my favorite Pineapple quotes and puns. I love creating these spreads because this is my time to practice brush lettering and working with different font styles.

Oftentimes, I use watercolor paper to have more flexibility in my designs. The good thing about using watercolor paper is that you can easily blend the colors and it will look more pigmented than the usual journal paper.

Since I love summer so much, I decided to create a compilation of my favorite summer quotes. This is a good practice especially if you want to improve your handwriting. In this spread, you will be able to work with different styles and fonts. Get creative with it!

Spread Ideas

A bullet journal is not just used for writing or tracking daily logs. It can also be used as a creative outlet to express your own artistic style. Every month, I add a mixture of different bullet journal spread ideas that are appropriate for my theme.

Since I received several questions about how I doodle pineapples, I decided to create this spread. This is what I like about doodling, there are no rules on how you create your version of anything.

I found this list on Pinterest and I instantly knew that I need this in my journal. It is a breath of positivity that I need in my life. To add my own spin on it, I created a watercolor wash for the background and added some doodles on the sides.

Monthly Favorites

I always make sure to list my favorite items every month. I like looking back and seeing what I liked in every chapter of my life. To me it is more than just a list of items, it is a compilation of stories and memories combined together on a piece of paper.

Goodbye Page

Flip Through

Here it is! Here is my Pineapple Theme Flip Through.

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Thank you so much for joining me as I go through my Bullet Journal Pineapple Theme. If you can’t decide on your monthly theme, don’t worry, I have several theme ideas for you. Just remember, whatever you choose, make sure to add your own spin and create something that makes you happy.

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