Castlery Farm

A Wedding Venue Booking Application


UX/UI Designer


September to December 2022




This project aims to create a simplified booking experience for a wedding venue destination called Castlery Farm. The goal is to improve the standard for booking venues and solve user problems that are currently unaddressed.

Market Research

To begin the process, I conducted market research to understand the current state of online wedding planning. According to The Knot , which surveyed over 15,000 couples in 2021, the wedding market heavily relies on online solutions.

User Research

To gather further insights, I interviewed 10 individuals from my friends and family who have gone through the wedding planning process. Based on the data gathered, I compiled the top 3 user pain points.


Using the information I gathered from researching the market and understanding the users, I developed the persona that will be the focus of this study.

After I developed the persona, I formulated the problem and hypothesis statement that reflects the problem and needs of the user.

Problem Statement

Tala is a bride-to-be who needs a simple way to book her wedding venue because she is a working professional who only plans her wedding during her free time.

Hypothesis Statement

I believe that a venue booking app will help Tala efficiently find the best wedding venue that fits her needs.

Competitive Analysis

To get a better look through the user’s lens, I analyzed the top wedding venue booking apps to identify their areas of strengths and weaknesses.

Value Proposition

Based on the gathered information, I identified the top selling points that will make Castlery Farm unique in the market.

Main User Flow

Since the project focuses on streamlining the venue booking process, I prioritized the main user flow to ensure that all areas are covered in creating a seamless user experience.

Lo-Fidelity Wireframes

After identifying the application’s key elements, I created the initial paper wireframes.
The highlighted areas are emphasized to showcase the essential functions in solving the identified user pain points.

Once I established the application’s initial layout, I transformed it into digital wireframes.

Style Guide

With the wireframes completed, I established the visual elements. To do so, I used a style guide to ensure coherence and consistency in the Castlery Farm brand.

Hi-Fidelity Designs

In total, I designed 31 mockups for this project. The key mockups below showcase the user flow from account registration to booking confirmation.

Hi-Fidelity Prototype

The mockups are then connected to create a prototype that shows the functionality of the application.

Usability Test

The test aims to identify user pain points in using the Castlery Farm application for venue booking and vendor messaging. I conducted the usability study by observing 3 users who were given 4 prompts to complete.

Prompt 1:  Create an Account.
Prompt 2:  Select a date and search for available venues.
Prompt 3:  Select and book a venue.
Prompt 4:  Send a message to Castlery Farm.

Test Results

The results show that all participants completed the prompts successfully. Though each participant met the prompts without a problem, they each formed suggestions on how to improve the application. I then compiled the participant’s recommendations to narrow down areas that need to be updated.

User Recommendations

• Add a filtering function for factors such as price and venue amenities
• Add a share function to send venue information outside the application
• Include a message box on checkout to message the vendor without having to send a message separately

Proposed Hi-Fi Design Update

Due to time constraints, the second round of usability tests was not conducted. However, I created a proposed design update based on the results from the earlier testing.


If given more time, I would love to include more features in the application. These include adding options to book external vendors such as photographers, caterers, and florists. In addition, conducting a more extensive usability study would significantly improve the application in delivering solutions to various users.

Overall, I enjoyed this project throughout its entirety. Though many areas need to be further tested and improved, I am still incredibly proud of the outcome and I am excited to see how this project develops over time.