With all the planning for the Holidays, I know that you already have so much to think about. The holidays can be very overwhelming! But since I’m here to help, I already did the research so you can find your perfect holiday spreads. I’m so excited and I’m sure you are too! Here are 24 Stunning Christmas Weekly Spread Ideas.

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Christmas Weekly Spread Ideas

Vertical and Horizontal Layout

Let’s start with the classic vertical and horizontal layout. These are traditional weekly spread designs that are truly timeless regardless of the season. To spice it up for the holidays, you can incorporate your favorite Christmas themes to your spreads. Mix different colors and patterns to achieve the look that you are going for. I love how cozy these are!

If you want to be creative and minimal at the same time, try adding some drop shadows. This simple technique creates a dimension to your weekly spread. Plus it will instantly give a pop of color to your design! How amazing is that?

Horizontal layouts are fantastic for adding doodles. You can either go all out or keep it simple. Regardless of what you choose, remember to create a spread that matches your theme and artistic style.

Christmas ornaments can also be incorporated into your weekly spread design. Doodle different shapes and patterns to suit your theme. Get creative with it!

Watercolor Weekly Spread Ideas

If you want to level up your weekly spread designs, try using watercolor. Paint your favorite Christmas decors and create the layout that you want. Trust me it will look amazing. Look at these stunning spreads!

You can also create a centerpiece design using watercolor. This look is perfect if you want to be artsy and dainty at the same time.

One-Page Weekly Spread Layout

Yes, I know. There are times where we just want to squeeze one more spread in our journal. Sadly not everyone has enough space to spare. It can be tough but the good news is you don’t have to compromise your weekly spread design. *YAY* These one-page layouts are the perfect solution to this dilemma.

Though this layout only requires a page, it doesn’t mean that there’s no room for your doodles. You can still create a stunning spread by adding colors and patterns. Use your imagination and be amazed by what you can create.

Minimalist Weekly Spread Layout

There are times where you just want something simple and neutral. I understand, not everyone wants a lavish and colorful design. If you want to keep your designs at minimal, these are the spreads for you.

Being a minimalist doesn’t mean you are limited to black and white. You can also spice things up by adding a pop of color to your weekly spreads.

Add the holiday vibe to your journal by incorporating Christmas aesthetics. Draw your favorite holiday decor and try different layouts. Have fun with it!

These are 24 Creative Christmas Weekly Spread Ideas. I hope you got all the inspiration you need for your bullet journal this Christmas. If you are still undecided with your theme, be sure to check these Stunning Christmas Theme Ideas. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one for you.

Happy Holidays!
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