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december bullet journal

December Bullet Journal Set Up

Cover Page

For my December cover, I decided to choose a pastel color palette. Since I created my July Pastel Theme, I have been looking for ways to incorporate the same colors in my journal. Hence, I ended up adding the pastel colors for my December cover page design.

december bullet journal

Monthly Spread

This month, I created something different from my regular monthly spread layout. It actually turned out better than I expected!

december bullet journal

There are so many things that I have to get done before the new year, so I made sure to add plenty of space for my monthly goals. To create this spread I used a dark green shade and topped it with some cute white pine tree doodles. It’s adorable!

december bullet journal

Weekly Spread

The holidays are probably the busiest time of the year. With all the shopping and decorating, I think a weekly spread is necessary for all the planning.

For my December weeklies, I recreated the same look from my September and October journals. To add a unique touch to each spread, I incorporated different color combinations and doodles.

Which spread is your favorite?

Horizontal Layout

december bullet journal

Vertical Layout

december bullet journal

Horizontal Layout

december bullet journal

Spread Ideas

Since it’s December, I added some new spreads to summarize my year.

Monthly Favorites

december bullet journal

Yearly Favorites

In this spread, I included my favorite items from different categories. Whether it’s for food, products, shows, etc. This is just a nice summary of all the things that I love this year.

bullet journal spread ideas

Yearly Themes

And of course, I created a spread dedicated to my themes. This is my first year of journaling and a lot has happened. Looking at this spread reminds me of the creative process and the peaceful moments of my journal experience.

bullet journal themes

Holiday Quotes

My journal will not be complete without adding some quotes. And since it’s the Holidays, it’s the perfect time for these classics!

I created this spread using the Crayola Supertips Painting Technique. It’s a simple and fun process that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Give it a try this year!

Watch my step-by-step tutorial on Instagram.

‘Tis the season

Easy Christmas Card DIY

Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly

Christmas Quote DIY

Merry Christmas

Watch my step-by-step tutorial on Instagram.

Easy Christmas Card DIY

Goodbye Page

I created this Goodbye page to seal the year.

bullet journal 2020

Bullet Journal Flip Through

This is the exciting part, watch my full Bullet Journal Flip Through below!

Watch on Instagram

And that’s a wrap! Thank you so much for joining me as I go through my December Bullet Journal Set-up. If you need inspiration on how to set up your journal, I have the perfect guide for you. I’m sure you’ll love it.

Happy Planning!
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