Galaxy paintings are undeniably breathtaking. The way the colors blend together is just perfection. Unfortunately, DIY-ing it on your own can be a little tricky. But don’t worry, I have the perfect solution. Let me show you how I created a Glitter Galaxy Painting in just a few simple steps!

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Galaxy Painting
Easy Glitter Galaxy Painting

Easy Glitter Galaxy Painting


Here are the materials you’ll need for this project:

Painting Supplies

Watercolor Paper

I highly recommend the Canson Watercolor Paper. I love the 9″x12″ size because I can use it for different projects. There are also several sizes available if you want a smaller or larger paper.


Canvas is perfect for wall decors. If you are planning to use this painting to decorate your space, I suggest you use a canvas instead of watercolor paper.


Gouache has a higher pigment content than watercolor. Watercolor tends to look more transparent when it dries but Gouache remains opaque which makes it perfect for making dark paintings such as galaxies.


Acrylic is best for canvas paintings. If you plan on using a canvas, I suggest you use acrylics to have that rich opaque color.

Paint Brush

Buying brushes individually can be expensive. To save money, I recommend buying it as a set. This is a good investment especially if you plan on harnessing your painting skills.

Big Flat Brush (optional)

This is an optional item but I suggest using a Big Flat Brush for applying glitter. This helps to evenly distribute glitter on your painting.

Craft Glitter

For this project, it is important to use white or transparent glitter. Using colored glitter might not give the same sparkly effect. No one wants that!

Masking Tape

This is necessary if you are using watercolor paper. Tape is used to avoid the paper from wrinkling. If you don’t have a masking tape, you can use washi tapes instead.

Mod Podge

This is a staple item for craft lovers. Mod Podge is used to create a beautiful glossy finish. Since we will be using glitter, it is important to seal our painting to avoid spilling glitter everywhere. Let’s avoid having a glitter disaster.

Fine Liner (optional)

This is an optional step. But if you want to level up your painting you can use a fine liner to add more details.

Now that we have all the materials needed, it’s time to get creative.

Let’s Start Painting!

Create a Border

Grab your tape and create a border for your watercolor paper. If you are using a canvas you can skip this step. Borders are used to prevent the paper from wrinkling and to create a clean edge.

Watercolor Guide

Choose Your Colors

For this project, I highly recommend using this color combination.

Watercolor Guide

Prussian blue and crimson red create a beautiful magenta shade. Black gives a dark intense background while white adds a beautiful contrast. You can add more colors to this combination but for beginners, I highly suggest using this set for your first painting.

Add the Dots

This is my favorite part! Take your paint and add random dots all over your canvas. You don’t have to follow any pattern just create small circles using your chosen colors. Be careful not to put too much. Remember to leave enough space to spread the paint.

Watercolor Guide

Paint in One Direction

Stick to one brush stroke. If you started painting horizontally then do the same for the rest of the painting. Using one brushstroke creates a clean polished finish that is perfect for creating galaxy paintings.

Easy Painting

Sprinkle the Glitter

It’s time to add the glitter. While the paint is wet, sprinkle the glitter. DON’T ADD TOO MUCH! Just add enough to give a sparkle.

Glitter Galaxy

Spread It Evenly

Use a DRY flat brush to evenly distribute the glitter. If you don’t have this, you can use the same brush you used for painting. Just make sure that the brush is DRY to avoid the glitter from sticking and mixing with the wet paint.

Glitter Galaxy

Remove the Tape


Failure to do so might ruin the whole painting. (no one wants that!) Once the mod podge sets, it will be extremely difficult to remove the tape. So please, don’t waste your efforts and make sure to not miss this step.

Glitter Galaxy

Apply the Mod Podge

Remember to always use the same brushstroke. Do this process slowly and make sure everything is covered completely. Let it sit for 20-30 minutes or until all the white casts are gone.

Painting Guide

Our Glitter Galaxy Painting is Done!

Here is the finished Glitter Galaxy Painting. I really love how this turned out. The background has a multitude of colors plus the glitters add beautiful sparkles. It looks just magical!

Galaxy Painting

Looking at it from another angle, you can see the different layers in this painting. Who would have thought that it only took us a few simple steps?

Galaxy Painting

Here is a video tutorial to show you my step-by-step process. For this example, I used a Fine Liner to add additional details. This technique is based on my washi tape painting guide.

Watch on Instagram

I am so excited to see your Glitter Galaxy Paintings! If you recreate this, be sure to tag me on Instagram or Pinterest. I would love to see your beautiful creations. Have fun!

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