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October Bullet Journal
October Bullet Journal Set-Up

Cover Page

For this month, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and try something different.

This cover is inspired by stars and silhouettes. I created this color gradient using watercolor and added the stars using my Uni-Ball Signo white gel pen. If you want to re-create this look you can check the step-by-step guide on Instagram.

October Bullet Journal

Monthly Spread

Using watercolors can be a little tricky. Sometimes it can cause the pages to sog or worse it can rip it apart. To be safe, I used my trusted Crayola Supertips for the rest of my spreads.

October Bullet Journal

Monthly Goals

Since this month’s colors are mostly dark, I thought it would be fun to add a bright pop of color. I used a light purple shade from the Zebra Midliner Set to add a playful contrast to my spreads. It turned out really nice!

October Bullet Journal

Weekly Spread

I’m always excited to create my weekly spread designs. For artsy people like you and me, this is the perfect spread to get creative!

Weekly Spreads

My second weekly spread is inspired by minimalist designs. I decided to make it look more open and less structured. To make it more appealing, I used vertical and horizontal patterns. I really like how dainty and playful this looks!

Weekly Spreads

For this spread, I filled in the shapes with two shades of purple and added a touch of black for a nice contrast. Out of all the weeklies from this theme, this is actually my favorite one.

Weekly Spreads

Last but not the least, here is my final weekly spread for October. Since we only got four days left, I decided to just use a one-page layout. To add texture, I added these cute washi tapes on the side. I’m keeping it simple and classic.

Weekly Spreads

Spread Ideas


For my October Playlist, I used the same style as my first weekly spread. I finished this look by adding doodles and of course, more washi tapes.

Playlist Spread


I always try to add a simple Doodle Tutorial for my monthly theme. It’s a fun way of showing my art style.


Watercolor Paintings

I was so fond of watercolor and ended up creating 4 watercolor paintings! For the first painting, I created the same background as my cover page. To make it look more interesting, I added this amazing quote. It actually turned out better than I expected.

Journal Quote

For this look, I added a nice twist to the usual galaxy painting. Instead of adding white for the stars, I added GLITTERS! This is surely a beginner-friendly painting that I’m sure you’ll love! You can learn how to re-create it with this easy step-by-step guide.

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The third watercolor painting is still inspired by galaxies. For this one, I used washi tapes to create a geometric pattern.

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For my last painting, I added a positive quote. Since the background is dark, I used the Crayola Mettalic Markers and Uni-Ball Signo white pen. Check out how I created this look on Instagram!

Journal Quote

Monthly Favorites

It’s time for my monthly favorites! I divided my list into three categories and used a different shade of purple for each one. I love how this turned out. It adds an interesting look to my dark theme.

Monthly Favorites

Goodbye Page

For my last spread, I combined all the designs that I used throughout the month. All in all, this summarizes my color palette and aesthetics for October.

October Bullet Journal

Flip Through

Finally, here is my October Bullet Journal Flip Through!

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Thank you so much for joining me as I go through my October Bullet Journal Spreads. If you need some fall inspirations, check these fall cover page , tracker and weekly spread ideas to help you find your style.

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