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phomemo printer

Product Features

Okay, before we get crafty, let’s first talk about the features of the Phoemo Printer.

The one that I have is the MO2 printer. It’s compact, light and the color is just adorable. What I like about this, is the ease of use. There are no complicated parts or technical things involved which makes it so incredibly convenient.

There are only three simple steps needed to complete the setup.

1. Add the sticker paper

The one that I have is a regular sticker. It has a glossy finish and is extremely smooth to write on. If this is not your favorite, you can choose from their several sticker paper options.

thermal printer

2. Turn your printer on

phomemo printer

2. Connect to your device

Download the phomemo app to your device.

Choose your printer model and make sure your device is connected.

phomemo printer

I highly suggest doing a test print to get the hang of your machine. The app has a lot of free printables that you can instantly use.

Take a look at this adorable thing!

phomemo printer

Now that the paper is loaded and the app is connected, you are finally ready to get crafty!

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Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

In this video, I used my printer to add the cute little sticky notes for the quotes. It might seem complicated but trust me, it’s incredibly simple.

Watch to see the step-by-step process.

Here is the finished product!

I also created one for my summer goals. These templates are free to use on the Phomemo App and it makes it so much easier to create stunning bullet journal spreads.

You can also print pictures and cute illustrations. Adding such can totally transform your spreads and add more character to your designs!

On-the-Go Printing

Since Phomemo Printers are light and compact, they are extremely perfect for on-the-go printing. You can bring it to school to create To-do-lists, notepads, or even class schedules.

Creating Labels

I also use my printer to create labels. Just recently, I organize my must-have bullet journal supplies and the labels definitely came in handy.

stationery organizers

Final Thoughts

I hope I was able to give you ideas on how to use your Phomemo Printer. I’ve had mine for 6 months now and it’s still one of my favorite gadgets for journaling. If you have questions or suggestions for future posts, please reach out to me through my socials. I would love to hear from you. Till Next Time!

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