Every year I look forward to creating my fall bullet journal spreads. I always try colorful watercolor paintings or lavish designs but for this year, I decided to keep it simple.

Here is my simple fall leaves bullet journal theme for November.

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simple bullet journal

Cover Page

In the past, I always go for extravagant designs but for November, my design is much simpler.

I couldn’t think of a simpler fall-inspired theme than fall leaves. It’s minimalist, classic and it can never go wrong. To fill up this page I added a little calendar at the bottom and finished it with a thin border. I’m so happy with how this cover page turned out!

fall leaves bullet journal theme

Monthly Spreads

This month’s monthly spread is a little different. I always go for half-page calendars and classic layouts but for this month, I went with goals and notes spread.

I know this is somehow different from the normal monthly spread but I felt like it’s time to experiment with my bullet journal setups. Going for the same thing each month can be a little tiresome and every now and then I find it exciting to try new spread designs.

minimalist bujo

The next one is my seasonal wish list and activity tracker. I do this so I can list all the things that I want to do and make the most out of the season.

fall leaves bullet journal theme

Weekly Spreads

Alright, now it’s time to show my simple fall weekly spreads. This month I created the same layouts for the majority of the spreads. I don’t know why but I always associate fall with horizontal designs.

The way the fall colors blend together makes my creative heart skip a beat. It sounds cheesy (haha) but it’s true. I just can’t get enough of these fall colors!

Week 1

fall leaves bullet journal theme

Week 2

simple bullet journal

Week 3

For my third weekly spread, I decided to change the orientation a bit and add more sections on the side. This is my way of creating a new spread design without changing much of the layout.

It ended up as my favorite weekly spread this month!

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

Week 4

My fourth weekly spread is a vertical layout. In this design, I just created 4 rectangles for the days of the week and added this month’s colors for a hint of fall. It’s a simple design that can be done in less than 5 minutes.

bujo weekly spread

Other Spread Ideas

Now that the main spreads are done, it’s time for this month’s extra spreads!

fall leaves bullet journal theme

Quote Spread

I added this quote spread for November even if it’s in no way related to fall. This quote makes me reflect and appreciate the present especially since this year is about to end.

bujo quote

November at a Glance

The last spread for this month is the staple month at a glance. In this spread, I write the things that make up my month and it also serves as my reflection spread so I can see how I can better myself.

For bujo lovers like me, I highly recommend this spread.

fall leaves bullet journal theme

This is my simple fall bullet journal set-up for November. I hope I was able to inspire you in creating your own bullet journal spreads. If you have questions or suggestions please reach out to me through my socials. I would love to hear from you. Till next time!

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