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simple fall bullet journal

Cover Page

Last year I created classic fall bullet journal themes from scarves, leaves, and spooky designs. However, this year, I decided to create something different and not-so-traditional. (haha) If you want to know how to achieve this look, check out my full video tutorial below.

september bullet journal cover page

Monthly Spread

For my monthly spread, I want to keep it simple and artsy at the same time. If this looks familiar to you, it’s because this is similar to my March 2020 sunflower theme. The only difference is that instead of using washi tapes, I used kraft papers.

I really like how this minimalist spread turned out! What do you think?

september bullet journal

Weekly Spreads

Every time I plan my journal, I always prioritize my important spreads and that includes my weekly spreads. In the past, I always go for two-spread weekly designs but then I realized that I don’t really need that much space for my weeklies. (haha)

So, I decided to just use one-spread weekly layouts and since then I can’t get enough of creating different versions of these designs!

minimalist weekly spread

Though I’m only using 1 page, I still find ways to incorporate my theme into the spread. It doesn’t have to be lavish or complicated. A pop of color will make a huge difference. Trust me it works like magic!

fall bullet journal weekly spread
fall weekly spread

Since the last week of September only consists of 5 days, I decided to combine the last 2 weeks and create a horizontal layout. I know that I just told you how much I love one-spread layouts but for this type of scenario, I make exceptions. (hahaha)

fall weekly spread

Simple Fall Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

Now that my main spreads are done, it’s time to get extra creative with other fall bullet journal spreads.

Every month I add new things to my journal. I like to spice things up with new spreads and interesting sections for my monthly theme.

September Theme

The first one is my September theme page. This is actually my first time creating a spread like this. I did this because I often get questions about the colors that I use. This spread helps me remember my creative process and it makes it so much easier to share my theme colors.

september bullet journal

Quote Spread

The next spread is for my fall quotes. I know that this quote is no way related to fall. But, I have been going through a lot of stress this year and this quote is a perfect reminder for me to keep going. I really like how this spread speaks to me every time I open my journal.

If you want ideas for your quotes, check my all-time-favorite fall quotes here.

fall quotes

Mood Tracker

creative mood tracker

Brain Dump

Another spread that I love is the brain dump. This page is where I scribble and write all my sentiments. The name speaks for itself, it’s literally where I dump all my thoughts (the good and the bad).

bullet journal spread ideas

September at a Glance

Last is my monthly evaluation page. I call this my September at a Glance. I used to create a goodbye page as my last spread but for this theme, I want to create something meaningful and functional.

september bullet journal

One last look, here is what my Full September 2020 Cover looks like.

september bullet journal

This theme is different from traditional fall themes but I hope you found the inspiration that you need to create your awesome spreads. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I would love to hear from you. Till next time!

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