bullet journaling beginner

Bullet Journaling Beginner

The Ultimate Bullet Journaling Beginner’s Guide. Get several inspirations to start your bullet journal. Choose from several theme, layout ideas and more!

Bullet Journal for Beginners 

This is the best guide to help you start your Bullet Journal. Get tons of ideas for your monthly layout, weekly spreads, and must-have pages. Be inspired by different ideas and designs to help you get started. Plus get the best journaling tools that you will surely love!

My Must-Have Bullet Journal Supplies

Collection of the best bullet journal supplies! Get the best pens, markers, brush pens, notebook, products, washi tapes, stencils and more! Perfect for bullet journaling beginner.

Bullet Journal Floral Theme Set-Up

Join me as I go through my Bullet Journal Floral Theme Set-up! Be inspired with unique bullet journal floral designs that will perfectly match your style. Plus learn my cool tips and ideas to help you create your best spreads.

My Bullet Journal Pastel Theme

My favorite Bullet Journal Pastel Theme! Get journal quotes inspirations and Pastel color combinations that you will surely love. This theme is perfect for all seasons! Know my simple and easy techniques to help you create your best bullet journal theme.

Bullet Journal Pineapple Theme

Get tips for your pineapple themes with doodles and quotes perfect for summer themes. Start creating your best spreads using my favorite art supplies that you’ll surely love.

Bullet Journal Donut Theme

This is the ultimate Bullet Journal Donut Theme Set-Up that you’ll surely love! Choose from several layout ideas that will fit your monthly spreads.

2021 bullet journal set up

Modern and Simple Bullet Journal Set up

My go-to journal is from Archer&Olive and I have been using their products for 2 years straight! Whenever someone asks for my favorite journal, I’ll always vouch for this brand. If you’re still undecided, I promise they are worth a try! Read my journal recommendations here. Use Code: Heraldeecreates10 for 10% Off! Cover Page Well, […] Read more…

Bullet Journal Supplies

My Must-Have Bullet Journal Supplies

I set the bar high for my bullet journal supplies and I am proud to say that I have been meticulous in searching for the products that I’m recommending. When I started journaling, one of my concerns was the additional expenses attached to my newfound hobby. I tried my best to find the best products […] Read more…

Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

Bullet Journal Monthly Spread Ideas

A new month marks the opening of another chapter in your bullet journal. This also means it’s time to create your monthly spread! If you haven’t started yet, let me help you create the best bullet journal monthly spread that you’ll surely love! This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small […] Read more…

Bullet Journal for Beginners

Bullet Journal for Beginners

I bet you’re on the fence on starting your first bullet journal or maybe you just want to know what this craze is all about. Whatever your reason is, don’t worry, I got your back!  This guide will help you get all the information you need to help you get started. This post contains affiliate […] Read more…

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you choose to make a purchase at no extra cost to you. Note that I only recommend products that I personally love and trust. Disclaimer: Heraldeecreates does not own all of the photos featured in this post. Sources are given credit […] Read more…