summer journal

Summer Journal

Collection of the best bullet journal summer theme ideas. Awesome bujo designs to give you inspiration for your bullet journal spreads.

Bullet Journal Summer Cover Page Ideas

Get the best bullet journal cover page ideas for summer! Learn how to spice up your monthly spreads with different bujo cover page designs. Choose from flowers, animals, seashell designs and more!

Bullet Journal Floral Theme Set-Up

Join me as I go through my Bullet Journal Floral Theme Set-up! Be inspired with unique bullet journal floral designs that will perfectly match your style. Choose from weekly spread, monthly spread, mood tracker and other spread ideas that you’ll surely love. Plus learn my cool tips and ideas to help you create your best spreads.

My Bullet Journal Pastel Theme

My favorite Bullet Journal Pastel Theme! Be inspired with pastel spread ideas for your monthly and weekly spreads. Get journal quotes inspirations and Pastel color combinations that you will surely love. This theme is perfect for all seasons! Know my simple and easy techniques to help you create your best bullet journal theme.

Bullet Journal Pineapple Theme

Get tips for your pineapple themes with doodles and quotes perfect for summer themes. Start creating your best spreads using my favorite art supplies that you’ll surely love.

Bullet Journal Donut Theme

This is the ultimate Bullet Journal Donut Theme Set-Up that you’ll surely love! Choose from several layout ideas that will fit your monthly spreads.

rose bullet journal theme

May Bullet Journal Rose Theme Set-up

Cover Page I used to create complicated designs for my cover page but this year, I decided to switch to minimal designs. As they say, less is more! Monthly Spread For my monthly spread, I used a combination of green and pink markers. Actually, it’s a little tricky to find the right green for this […] Read more…

Bullet Journal Floral Theme

Bullet Journal Floral Theme Set-Up

Flowers are a representation of a new beginning, a new chapter, and a fresh start. Join me as I go through my floral bullet journal for spring. This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you choose to make a purchase at no extra cost to you. Note that […] Read more…

Bullet Journal Pastel Theme

My Bullet Journal Pastel Theme

Pastel colors bring back memories of my childhood. It makes me remember eating cotton candies, macarons, and milkshakes. When I was brainstorming for my July theme, I knew it was the perfect time to bring my pastel memories to life. Here is my Bullet Journal Pastel Theme! This post contains affiliate links, which means I […] Read more…

Bullet Journal Pineapple Theme

Bullet Journal Pineapple Theme

Pineapples are one of those fruits that are flexible in every way. It is not just good on the inside, it is also appealing on the outside. Since there are so many variations of pineapple designs, I decided to take my own spin and add something different. Here is my Bullet Journal Pineapple Theme. This […] Read more…

Bullet Journal Donut Theme

Bullet Journal Donut Theme Set-Up

Drawing delicious pastries make the journaling experience more exciting. It is no wonder why dessert-themed bullet journals are currently the trend in the journaling community. I immediately knew I had to join this craze, so, I created these spreads that reflect my love for desserts and I’m so excited to share them with you. Grab […] Read more…

Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas

Summer Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas

Aside from the perfect weather, summer is also the season to get creative. If you haven’t started your summer journal, don’t worry, I will help you get back on track. In this guide, I will help you find your perfect bullet journal summer theme and cover page design. So, get your journal ready, and let’s […] Read more…